Variations on a Theme: Snowmen! by Leigh Riker

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With autumn underway and Christmas almost in the air, let’s talk snowmen! This picture reminds me of my heroine, my hero and his little girl from my novella, Mistletoe and Holly, in this year’s Christmas Town, Maine anthology, Heartwarming Holiday Wishes. And aren’t these two a cute couple?

Many of us probably grew up building snowmen. Whenever the white stuff drifted down to cover enough ground, we kids bundled up, grabbed a carrot from the fridge, and braved the cold. What was a little ice crusted on our mittens? Or the fact that we could no longer feel our cold feet? We were there to make what would obviously become the world’s best snowman. I grew up in northeastern Ohio where we got plenty of snow each winter, and those snowmen projects formed some of my happiest childhood memories. We considered ourselves to be experts in the classic tradition.

You know the drill. If you don’t, and you were raised in warmer climes, then here are the basics: First, you roll some fresh snow into a large ball for the base. Then you form a medium-sized one and, last, a smaller ball. Stack these in order one on top of the other. Add a row of real buttons or stones (or pieces of coal) down the front. Use some more for the eyes and a smiley mouth. Find a couple of twigs for the arms and maybe put a muffler around its neck. Or, like the fellow in the first picture above, give him a jaunty hat. He’s done—and he’s certainly a classic!

But let’s not stop there. There are all kinds of snowmen to represent the season and not all of them have to stay in the yard. Here’s one used in a wreath for someone’s front door to tickle the imagination. I think this guy’s adorable; he even boasts a top hat with that fancy red bow. Love the white ruffles!

But maybe, instead of a wreath, you’d rather have a pretty door hanger. These sparkles work for me. I do love a bit of bling.

And even that’s not all. If you’re really into Christmas, you might like to have many versions of snowmen. On Pinterest you can find scads of other ideas, too many to show here. Why not make some ornaments for your Christmas tree? I love these snowmen made of clothespins (do they sell these anymore? They must). I’m not particularly good at crafts, but these don’t look hard to make and I may have to try my hand at a few of them this season. My husband should prepare to be impressed!

If traditional snowmen, the outdoor kind, however, appeal to you most, I know just the thing to get your creative juices flowing. Our classic snowman above isn’t the only game in town either. While I was writing this, I happened upon a Hallmark site with instructions for making all different kinds of snowmen. Follow this link to see how to make The Storm Family, Mr. & Mrs. Blizzard, Mr. Sunny Snowbird, Swirling Skater Suzy, Flakey Fido and Topsy Turvy Ted. You won’t be disappointed. They’re amazing and look like lots of fun.

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Heartwarming Holiday Wishes. Ten great novellas by ten Heartwarming authors at a bargain price to get your Christmas started.

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In Heartwarming Holiday Wishes, Leigh Riker contributed Mistletoe and Holly. Her most recent Harlequin Heartwarming release is Last Chance Cowboy.