Tradition…or not? by Liz Flaherty

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It’s the time of year for traditions, isn’t it? And I seem to love them all. But somehow, this year I’m falling short. It’s been so busy that the tree isn’t up. The gifts I’ve bought are still in their sacks in a prominent place (that means they’re in the way) in the living room. I haven’t baked anything, nor even gathered recipes of things I want to bake. It would be really easy to get a little Scrooge-y.

Oh, but there’s the difference.

I’ve been helping with the community theater’s production of A Christmas Carol. I’m working at the library. I have a book being released tomorrow and another that is due—gulp!—tomorrow. There’ve been some changes this year. Some heartbreaks along the road. I looked forward to traditions easing the way out of this year and into next. And I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Which brings me to what has been my mantra lately. Not that I’m good at it, but I’m trying. I am saying to myself with every incomplete task—all of which feel like personal failures—to let it go.

Things don’t have to be traditional to be good. They don’t have to be what you intended or wanted or longed for to be fun and fulfilling and exciting. If mourning what isn’t is hindering your enjoyment of what is, then just let it go.

Merry Christmas!

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