The Knotty Elves’ Holiday Lawn Art – The Good, The Bad & The Drive-By – by Cari Lynn Webb

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It’s Prudence Parker here with my dear friends, Odette King and June Baxter. It’s December, which is one of The Knotty Elves’ favorite months. We’ve just returned from our annual holiday light tour of Christmas Town. Although we must admit to being a little perplexed that Clancy, our director at Over The River Retirement Home, failed to put this particular outing on the social calendar. Not ones to miss our annual events, especially outings, we coerced Pete Ford, our resident physical therapist at Over The River to drive us in the retirement home van. We had a splendid evening, even though Pete stepped off the bus and warned us that we’d need to find a new chauffeur next year. June promised Pete we’d only make him drive down Dasher Court twice, not four times, next year. Still Pete hardly seemed swayed. We’ve decided to let Pete believe what he will as The Knotty Elves already know he’ll be back in the driver’s seat next season.

But enough about chauffeurs and social calendars, let’s get to the fun part and talk about outdoor holiday décor. Of course, we have suggestions to add a little spark to your house and yard this season.

One of our favorite (and newest) discoveries was in Dasher Court where the neighbors not only decorated to the theme of 12 Nights of Christmas-one night for each house-but added music to their light show. The music was accessed on a particular radio station inside our van. (This we discovered after we’d left the court. Of course we made Pete drive around the court several more times to watch the lights perfectly timed to the beautiful Christmas songs. Odette has already recommended to Henry Dixon that he build a larger informational sign at the front of Dasher Court for next season.) We realize something this extravagant takes organization and planning, however it also leaves lasting memories. And we all agreed that this might be something to consider if perhaps you have a neighbor that lends himself to being more like Scrooge. How better to broadcast your Christmas cheer onto your neighbor’s dark house than a light show that extends from the roof of your house to every tree on your property all the way to the sidewalk. And with the cars lined up around the block to listen to your radio station and watch the lights, your neighbor is certain to get into the holiday spirit.

Even without the personalized radio station and (x wattage) light show, there are multiple ways to decorate your home and lawn for the holidays. We’d like to recommend however, that once again, you know your neighbors and if you think your neighbors might move your wire reindeer into positions around the lawn that are not PG-rated, that perhaps you keep those decorations in your attic until your neighbors place a For-Sale sign in their yard. After all the icicle lighting is available in blue and white colors now and we even spotted over a dozen residences that projected lights onto their houses. No need to climb a ladder and hang from the gutter all to string a row of lights around the house.

June was partial to the light-up candy canes that lined sidewalks leading to the front entryways so much so that she asked ask Clancy and Pete to find our residents that use canes at Over The River, Christmas-themed ones, particularly canes that light up. We promised both Pete and Clancy we’d find samples to give them an idea of what we’d like. The myriad of inflatable Santas, Snowmen and polar bears are always entertaining and festive. However I feel compelled to point out like I did last month that you can’t ever have too much holiday spirit. If you’ve already yanked an extension cord across the snow to plug in the inflatable Christmas Tree, why not toss lights into your shrubs and wrap your porch columns in colorful light-up garland? Why not make use of both electrical sockets in the outlet?

Odette would like to offer that wreaths, especially those with bright poinsettia flowers and holly berries, make a lovely addition to any entryway. Put candles in the windows (and they now have those special ones that use batteries. My grand-daughter, Mattie, brought me peppermint striped battery-operated candles to spice up my centerpiece. That was the shimmer my kitchen table needed without adding a fire hazard to my apartment.) With the wreath and candle-lit windows, you’ve added a quiet, but classic holiday flare to your house without much work.

For those DIYers with a penchant for wood or metalwork (or fortunate enough to have a father or other family member with that talent), this lawn art can make a lovely addition to any front yard. Just be certain to stake the letters in the ground so those pesky neighbors don’t change the spelling (do remember what happened with the reindeer).

However you choose to decorate your house and yard this holiday season, whether you choose to have your own FM radio station or keep the lights to the flicker of a candle in the window, remember the magic of the season exists when we believe and share our joy with everyone around us.

Until next time, June, Odette and I wish you all the best for your holidays!

In Heartwarming Holiday Wishes, Cari Lynn Webb contributed Jingle Bell Love. Her latest Harlequin Heartwarming release is The Charm Offensive.