The Anti-New Year’s Resolution List by Amy Vastine

Posted on Posted in December 2018 Newsletter

It’s that time of year when we willingly put all sorts of insanely pointless pressure on ourselves to resolve to do something better than we did it last year. Well, I don’t know about you, but I am feeling a little bit over resolutions. At 44 (going on 45), I’m unlikely to make huge changes in who I am and I have no real desire to set lofty goals that will end up stressing me out in the beginning and then make me feel like a bad person when I don’t reach them in the end. Let’s be real, people. I am never going to finish all those scrapbooks I started when the kids were little, no matter what I’ve told my husband in the past. I also won’t be cleaning out the garage anytime soon, so why pretend I’m going to do it just because the calendar says it’s a new year?

So, I am here to share with everyone what I am NOT going to resolve to do next year. In 2019, I will NOT …

… stop spending hours on Pinterest pinning recipes I’ll never cook, organizing tips I’ll never use, and crafts I’ll never make.

… give up carbs because I love bread. And chocolate. And lasagna. And cupcakes.

… stop having a cluttered kitchen island. Other people might like their empty countertop, but I don’t really care. So what if mine has five boxes of cereal the kids decided to open in the same week lined up on one side or birthday cards from six months ago sitting in a basket that supposed to hold fruit so my kids eat health snacks instead of the junk in the pantry (ha!)?

… going to learn how to fold a fitted sheet. Even if I watched a thousand YouTube videos on how to do it, I’m never going to figure it out. My sheets will go into the linen closet looking more like a ball than a perfect square. And it’s OKAY. When they go on the bed, I will sleep just fine!

What’s are you NOT going to do in 2019?