The Knotty Elves’ Guide to Holiday Leftovers by Cari Lynn Webb

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  Welcome back to another holiday season in Christmas Town. It’s June Baxter, Odette King and Prudence Parker-your Knotty Elves-here with a simple guide to holiday leftovers. Whether it’s breakfast for dinner or a non-traditional take on a traditional favorite, we’ve got you covered. For the traditionalists, we recommend a simple Ham Frittata or Ham […]

Loving Autumn by Tara Randel

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I don’t know about you, but after a long, hot summer, I look forward to a change in the weather. Autumn brings cooler temperatures, colorful backdrops, and the beginning of the holiday season. I live where the leaves don’t change colors, so I make autumn happen at my house. I start decorating mid-September, then keep […]