Recommendations for Books About Santa by Melinda Curtis

Posted on Posted in December 2018 Newsletter

Ruby Caldwell here, owner of Holiday Cheer, which puts on Santa School to train Santa and his Busy Elves! Looking for a book about the big man? Here are some of my favorites.

  1. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. This classic has shaped the way we think about Santa and what he does on Christmas Eve. You may not sleep wearing a nightcap, but it’s a fun read.
  2. Pete the Cat Saves Christmas. For those with a sense of humor, this take on ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas examines what happens when Santa gets sick. They set it up this way: ‘Twas the day before Christmas and Santa was ill. In the cold winter wind he had caught a bad chill. Will Christmas be canceled? Will it come to that? “Never!” cried Santa. “Let’s call Pete the Cat!”
  3. The Polar Express. For the sentimental reader on your list, this story warms the heart.
  4. Children’s Book of Christmas: Secrets of Santa. This book does a great job of sneaking in the true meaning of Christmas along with Santa’s Secrets.
  5. The Legend of St. Nicholas: A Story of Christmas Giving. A really good story that brings home for kids why it’s better to give than receive. The final pages in the book include fun Father Christmas traditions in other lands.

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