Mrs. Claus Comes To Christmas Town by Cari Lynn Webb

Posted on Posted in November 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to November. It’s the Knotty Elves: June, Odette and Prudence here with some breaking Christmas Town News. There’s a new hotline in town and Mrs. Claus will be answering the phone.

If you need help with proper holiday attire, cantankerous family members, uninvited holiday guests and their fifty pound pets or the most tactful way to avoid holiday gatherings, give Mrs. Claus a call. She’s also available to check out those feisty neighbors failing to abide by the holiday decoration theme on the street (yes, Mistletoe Lane, we are talking about you) and offer endless cooking advice for the best side dishes and desserts to leave your guests full and content.

In honor of our new hotline, we wanted to share a few Mrs. Claus’ facts.

  1. Mrs. Claus is known as Mother Christmas in the UK. Her real name is Jessica. Although Mary, Gertrude and Carol have also been listed. (Mrs. Claus hasn’t confessed her real name, but Odette is convinced the Knotty Elves can get her to tell them by next year. After all, their signature Stained Glass Cookies and warm, handmade knit wear has been known to get the town talking.)
  2. Mrs. Claus takes care of all the elves (and now, fortunately, the Christmas Town residents). Her favorite activity with the elves is baking cookies. Chocolate chip, sugar cookies and Snowballs top the list.
  3. Mrs. Claus is an editor – double checking the naughty and nice list and making certain there aren’t any mistakes. (June also recommends Mrs. Claus check over some of Christmas Town resident’s grocery lists. She’s quite certain several of the Over the River Residents have decided Apple Coffee Cake counts as a fruit group and Carrot Cake as a vegetable. She prefers not to name names, but we’re certain you know who you are. So Al and Norman, put the Carrot cake back.)
  4. Mrs. Claus’s hair used to be red until it faded to pure white. (A clear sign of wisdom and grace according to Odette.)

Now get out those cookbooks, set those dining room tables and take the decorations out of the attic. And if you trip along the way, pick up the phone and dial Mrs. Claus … she’ll get you out of any holiday tangle.

Until next time, remember that perfect holidays are a myth. But it is possible to have perfect moments like pairing Eggnog with Rum Balls while touring the town Christmas lights. You just have to stop, enjoy the moment and pour yourself a second mug of Eggnog.