Italian Sprinkle Cookies by Cari Lynn Webb

Posted on Posted in December 2018 Newsletter

This year I’m branching out and trying new cookie recipes to add to our usual list. Pecan balls, cherry winks, spritz cookies and sugar cookies all make an appearance in our kitchen every December.

But I’ve already added two new cookies to the list. Peppermint Kisses – here’s the recipe. If you are a fan of Hersey’s peppermint kisses on a soft sugar cookie base, then this cookie is for you. These quickly become a favorite in our house. So delicious.

And in keeping to my Italian roots, I decided to try: Italian Sprinkle Cookies this past week. I have to say that these cookies did not last long in our house. And while I was researching different recipes, I discovered how versatile this cookie is. It can be made all year around and decorated according to the season. I also learned that cookie trays are a tradition at Italian weddings. I wish I’d known that for my wedding. But now I know. As I have two daughters, I think cookie trays with Italian Sprinkle cookies might have to be on the menu. (Of course they are only teenagers so the weddings should be in distant future.)

Happy Baking!

I modified the recipe below. Here is the link to the original recipe on the blog: What’s Cookin’ Italian Style Cuisine.