How to Build a Snowman by Melinda Curtis

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Recently I saw an article at about different themed snowmen you can make. I want to share with you my three favorite ones. To build a snowman, typically all you need are things such as, some kind of scoop or shovel, a carrot and buttons, and of course snow. These themed snowmen require something extra.

1. Sunny Snowbird

What you need: Large pair boxers • Carrot • Sunglasses • Red licorice or yarn • Hat • Lawn lounge chair • Plastic cup • Orange slice • Drinking straw • Rocks

How to make it:

1. Place the lounge chair where you want the snowman to be in your yard. 2. Roll a large ball for the belly, about 2½ feet tall. Place it on the chair. 3. Pull the boxers over the ball with the leg openings toward the bottom. Remove the elastic if necessary. 4. Line up a row of smaller balls at the leg openings of the boxers. Smooth them together to form the legs. Then, add a bit on the end of each for the feet. 5. Add a smaller ball on top of the body for the head. Position the carrot nose and the sunglasses, and make a mouth of licorice (or yarn). Add the hat. 6. Make arms by smoothing a few smaller balls on either side of the belly. Put a frosty drink near the end of his arm and garnish with fruit. To keep it from blowing away, put a few rocks in the cup.


2. Swirling Skater Suzy and Flakey Fido

What you need for Suzy: Pair ice skates (optional) • 2 one foot long sticks • Pair mittens • Long orange or red yarn • 2 pipe cleaners • 2 pieces coal or rocks • Carrot • Large knit hat • Scarf

What you need for Fido: 2 pieces coal or rocks • 1 large rock for nose • Child’s belt

How to make it:

1. Make a normal three-ball snowman. Make the bottom ball about 2½ feet tall. 2. Push the sticks into the center snowball for the arms, then put the mittens on the ends. 3. Place the skates, if using, over one shoulder, tying one lace around the neck. 4. Cut two sets of 12 yarn strands (about 8 inches each). For each set, tie one end together and braid the strands. Thread a pipe cleaner through each set so 2 inches of pipe cleaner stick out of the top of each braid. Use that end to put the braids into the back of the head. Bend the braid into a U shape. 5. Add the carrot nose and coal for eyes. Put on the scarf and hat. 6. To make the dog, start with a 1-foot snowball for the midsection. Add a slightly larger ball in front (for the upper torso) and a smaller ball on top for the head. 7. Scoop out eye sockets so that the eyes will be deeply inset, and add snowballs to make the a snout and ears. 8. Add the coal for eyes and a rock for the nose. 9. Pack snow in the shape of front legs, and add a tail in the back. 10. Place the belt around the neck as a collar.

3. Topsy-Turvy Ted

What you need: Black top hat • 2 one foot long sticks • Pair of child-size rubber boots • 2 yarn pom-poms • 2 safety pins • Pair of mittens • 3 pipe cleaners • 2 large buttons • Bow tie • 2 pieces coal or rocks • Red licorice or yarn • Carrot

How to make it:

1. Make one snowball for the arms about 3 feet tall. 2. Place a smaller ball, about 2½ feet tall, on top for the belly. 3. Make one ball for the head and two balls for the legs, each about 1 foot tall. 4. Scoop out the front of the bottom ball to make an opening for the head. Smash the hat down slightly, then tuck it into the opening you created, and place the head on top of it. 5. Add the legs and push a stick into each ball to hold the boots. 6. Use the safety pins to attach the pom-poms to the boots and place the boots over the sticks. 7. Fill the mittens with snow and shape them into position. 8. Thread a pipe cleaner through each button’s holes and stick the pipe cleaner into the belly. Use this same method to add the bow tie to the neck. 9. Add the coal for eyes. 10. Make a round mouth out of the licorice. 11. Add a carrot nose.

I hope you enjoy making these snowmen this holiday season!

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