Holiday Attire: The Knotty Elves Way by Cari Lynn Webb

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It’s Prudence Parker here with my dear friends, Odette King and June Baxter. For those who don’t know us, we’re The Knotty Elves and life-long friends who now reside at Over the River Retirement Home. When our fearless director, Clancy Gallagher, forgot to include a new entertainment center in his budget for the retirement home renovations, we decided to take care of things ourselves. My friends and I have always been quite entrepreneurial from Odette’s door-to-door sales of wild blueberries to the neighbors in the third grade to June’s organization of car washes to off-set the cost of science lab upgrades in high school. This season we formed The Knotty Elves and knitted Christmas-themed scarves, leg warmers and gloves to sell to the locals and tourists in Christmas Town. We’re proud to say that we’re well on our way to earning that gaming system, complete with extra wireless game controls and over a dozen video games. You can never have too much entertainment.

Speaking of too much, don’t let anyone ever tell you that you have too much holiday spirit. Why just yesterday, my grand-daughter, Mattie Davis, wore candy cane tights, two of our best-selling reindeer scarves complete with Rudolph’s red nose and one of our Christmas tree knitted caps with a bright yellow star tree-topper. No doubt she caught the eye of everyone sipping hot chocolate at The Tea Pot. And Odette swears she saw Mrs. Stapleton, who prefers her coffee tempered with too much cream and her attire neutral enough to blend in with the books at the library where she volunteers, wearing not one, but two pairs of Knotty Elves leg warmers. If Mrs. Stapleton can wear multiple Christmas-themed accessories, then anyone can.

So for those struggling with what to wear this holiday season, fear not. Odette, June and I have put together a few helpful suggestions.

For those 100% committed to the holiday season, we suggest layering your favorite pieces together. The layers of Christmas spirit will protect you from your cubicle mate’s negativity and allow you to smile through your boss’ demands for more productivity.

For the DIY-ers among us, one of our favorites is the tinsel wrapped sweater complete with blinking Christmas Tree lights. Just three years back, June took home the first-place prize in the Holiday Sweater Contest for her creation. No doubt, it was the addition of the light-up star head-band that completed June’s look and pushed her ahead of Rosemary Meyer’s plastic ribbon studded sweater. (Rosemary should’ve added gingerbread stamped gift wrap and sparkly tissue to turn herself into a walking present, but we don’t like to offer our opinions unless we’ve been asked.) Just remember, the more colorful the tinsel against the brightest sweater you can find works wonders for the look.

For those who want to prove their holiday spirit only if asked by a co-worker or friend, we suggest bells. Bells work brilliantly for bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings – really bells work for all attire: sewn on the edges of scarves, attached to thick socks peeking out of knee-high boots and swinging from zipper pulls on down jackets. For the gentlemen among us, gloves tuck neatly into coat pockets. Fortunately gloves come in an array of themes from snowmen to elf to snowflake. Also of note, a simple Christmas tie appeals to June and myself. Although I’d prefer the addition of lights on the Santa tie our Physical Therapist, Pete Ford wore last week. (Pete could use a little more embellishment in his life.)

Whatever you wear this holiday season, whether you choose to adorn yourself in everything Christmas or keep things more subdued, remember the magic of the season only exists if we all believe and spread that joy to everyone around us.

Until next time, June, Odette and I wish you the best for your holidays!

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