Heartwarming Holiday Wishes

Heartwarming Holiday Wishes

Your favorite Harlequin Heartwarming authors are back with ten all new Christmas stories set in charming Christmas Town, Maine. This year, a stocking brings a special holiday wish to each story.

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Santa's Secret Heart by Anna Adams

Mason Alexander has one goal—to get back to his unit on deployment, but Emma Rycroft and her son distract the injured soldier when he becomes Christmas Town’s Santa Claus. Santa’s keeping more than the usual secrets, but he tells Emma she can heal her son’s broken heart with a holiday like they used to know. When Mason and Emma join forces to restore a child’s faith in Christmas, they also find the love they once lost.

Merry Christmas Carol by Melinda Curtis

Mike Hopkins is stretched thin all the time, but especially at Christmas when his wheelchair-bound father volunteers them for everything. The last thing he needs is to break his wrist while building the stage for Christmas Town’s Christmas pageant. Or maybe the last thing he needs is Carol DeMerritt helping him. She reminds Mike of his painful past, and maybe something not quite as painful - an impulsive kiss they’ve never discussed.

Miracle on Joyful Street by Liz Flaherty

When Shea Nolan’s career as a fisherman comes to an end, he goes to Christmas Town to help his brother on his tree farm while he makes up his mind what to do next. When he delivers a tree to the library, he and Dallas Blessing not only renew a childhood friendship, but work together to find a way to keep the library open. It will take a miracle, but then, this is Christmas Town…

Finding His Fiancee by Christmas by Cheryl Harper

A broken heart led Dara Allen home to Christmas Town. The man responsible follows with an important message. A few notes from a mysterious friend will convince them both second chances are possible.

The Christmas Window by Tara Randel

Widow CeCe Walker has her hands full taking care of her nephew and staging the holiday window decorations at Dockery’s Department store. The last thing she’s looking for is romance. Jace Keller is in Christmas Town to check out the window featuring his new sportswear line. Sparks fly when the two are at odds over his display, but with a little holiday magic, can this couple find love for Christmas?

Mistletoe And Holly by Leigh Riker

If he could, single dad Cameron McCormack would skip the holidays in Christmas Town. But his six-year-old daughter is all about the magic of the season, and so is warm-hearted Holly Brewster. When the new school guidance counselor moves in next door, an already broken-hearted Cam knows she won’t be here long. Or is it time for both of them to trust in love and a forever Christmas together?

Gingerbread Girl by Carol Ross

Kinley Reed and Ian Mackey’s teenage rivalry-friendship was both frustrating and bittersweet. After he crushed her heart, Kinley was glad to see Ian go. But now he’s back. Both successful architects, they soon find themselves in competition once again. Ian also needs Kinley’s help to save his troubled sister. Can Kinley set the past aside? Will Ian finally win the love of his gingerbread girl?

The Christmas List by Anna J Stewart

Logical, down-to-earth Hazel MacIver tolerates Christmas. Wishes? Dreams? Magic? She stopped believing in all those things a long time ago. When Clancy Gallagher, a man with holiday spirit to spare, makes it his mission to give Hazel the best Christmas ever, they discover a friendship--and a love--neither ever expected.

A Case For Christmas Magic by Amy Vastine

Boyd Austin hates Christmas but comes to Christmas Town to bust it’s myths and folklore for his internet vlog. Clara Burke loves Christmas Town and will do just about anything to increase tourism so she can get a promotion at work. Can she convince him Christmas magic really does exist before he tries to take down her town and cost her a job?

Jingle Bell Love by Cari Lynn Webb

Mattie Davis lives without regrets. Pete Ford lives according to expectations, his and his family’s. But Pete never planned on quirky, job-hopper Mattie invading his orderly professional world and his steady heart. Now the success of the annual Christmas Party and Fundraiser at the retirement home relies on Mattie and Pete working together. If only Mattie can keep her heart from making a long- term commitment of its own.