Got Teenagers? By Amy Vastine

Posted on Posted in November 2018 Newsletter

As the holidays approach, I realize more and more how much I miss when my kids were young. Besides the fact that little ones tend to see the world with so much more wonder and excitement, I miss how easy they were to buy presents for. When my kids were little, it was a piece of cake to come up with gifts big and small. There was always something they wanted and they were usually most excited about the things that cost me next to nothing. I’ll never forget the Christmas my youngest (who was about three at the time) was THRILLED about receiving a box of colored socks.

Yep. Socks.

He had a thing for wearing colored socks but a drawer full of white ones. He carried that box around all morning and we have him on video saying, “I love my colored socks.” So easy. So sweet.

Now, all three of my kiddos are teenagers. Their wants have become less and less but what they want has become more and more expensive. I don’t think my son would be enamoured by a box of socks this year. My oldest wants … a car. Not happening. A new iPhone – nope. TV for their room – oh geez.

In my Christmas Town story this year, THE HOPE CHEST, Evelyn and Felix are dealing with a troubled teen, who could use some Christmas cheer. Luckily, Evelyn is a professional buyer, making gift-giving a little easier. It might not be so easy for the rest of us, so I sat down with my daughter to brainstorm some affordable gifts for teenagers and here’s what we came up with.

For teenage girls:

  • Makeup and makeup accessories

Well, if your teen girl is like mine, you can’t go wrong with some makeup and makeup accessories like this awesome silicon makeup brush cleaning mat to help them keep their makeup brushes clean.It’s inexpensive, practical, and comes in a few different colors. You can get it on Amazon.

  • Stickers






Today’s teens are all about decorating their stuff. My daughter’s Chromebook is covered in colorful stickers that represent her personality. There’s a ton of them over at – from pineapples to inspirational saying, there’s something for everyone.

For teenage boys:

  • Bluetooth speaker

Teens love their online music streaming apps. They also like listening to their music wherever and whenever. Bluetooth speakers allow them the chance to play DJ when they are alone in their room or hanging out with friends. This UE ROLL 2 Habanero Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker comes in a bunch of colors and can be found on Amazon.

  • Fortnight Battle Pass

If you haven’t heard of Fortnite, perhaps you have never met a teenager. Fortnite is a video game that has kids and teens obsessed. A battle pass basically acts as currency in the game and allows them to buy supplies, clothing, and more.

There you have it.  A couple ideas for you as we head into that busy holiday shopping time of year. Go out there and find something that will put a smile on your teenager’s face!