Easy DIY Christmas Décor by Cheryl Harper

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Turning the page to find December is usually a shock for me. It’s not that the placement of December changes or I’ve forgotten what comes after November, but how did it get here so quickly? Every year, I have solid intentions not to wait until the last minute.

You can see where I’m going with this already, right?

Yeah, the crucial ingredient I can never find is more time. I’m racing the last minute in every area of life, so for me, decorating for Christmas can get pushed until the very last minute.

Even though I love it. Even though it’s one of my favorite parts of the season.

This year is going to be different. It’s been a few years since I decorated at all, thanks to too many moves and just too much of everything. So, I made a start. You can see two easy things I’ve crossed off my list:

1. Fireplace cover. My fireplace is an ugly black box. I do not like it, but I can’t afford to change anything yet. To make a pretty cover, I used 2 1/4 yards of fabric (yardage cut in half, 2 pieces about 40” long), spray adhesive, cardboard trifold presentation board. Easy!

Cut the fabric yardage in half. If you can, sew the two lengths together to make the fabric wide enough to cover the presentation board. I’d rather be shot from a cannon than sit down in front of a sewing machine right now, so I didn’t do that. Iron the fabric (I didn’t.). Check the fabric to make sure it will cover top to bottom and leave enough fabric to wrap around to the back. My presentation board was a little tall, so I cut a few inches off.

Then cover the front of the presentation board with spray adhesive in sections, and smooth the fabric down carefully. If you still have two pieces of fabric, work until the first piece of fabric is down. Then fold a hem down one side of the remaining piece of fabric. Spray the adhesive down the edge and cover the selvage of the fabric you’ve already adhered to the board, then continue covering the presentation board. When the front is completely covered, flip the presentation board over and adhere fabric along the edges of the back. You may want to trim if you have excess fabric.

2. Painted vases. Spray paint is my craft of choice. All of it. On anything. I had some of those battery operated lights and inexpensive vases and I wanted to do something with lights for the mantel, but I didn’t like the ugly cords. SO: Spray paint. For one, I made star stickers using clip art and the printable address labels. I scattered the stars and then hit the vase with spray paint. If you try this, peel the stickers off as soon as you can because they do stick. They stick well. For the other vase, I tried layering silver and teal spray paint. I’m not sure about these yet, but I do like the light on the mantel.

Other ideas I’ll get around to:

-covering moving boxes in various sizes with leftover wrapping paper and large glittery bows. I’ll put these outside next to my door.

-word art canvases. I got two canvases on sale and my house has so many white walls. For Christmas, I’d like to do a distressed set, maybe with “Merry” and “Bright” on them. Star stencils maybe. Spray paint, definitely. Follow me on Facebook? I’ll post a picture on my page (CherylHarperRomance) *WHEN* I get this done.

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