Easy Christmas Decorations by Leigh Riker

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Do you believe how fast the holidays are approaching? I know some people who have already started—or even finished—their Christmas shopping. I admire them greatly but I have to admit I’m not in that group. All I’ve done so far is to decide what to get my three grand-dogs this year!

And what about decorations, you might ask? I know where mine are but haven’t pulled them out of the storage closet yet to assess what still works for me and what I may need to replace this season to perk things up.

I know I won’t be getting rid of this dear little tree, which graced the top of my piano for years and, more recently, a chest in my bedroom so I can now see the lights all night. Plus that miniature nutcracker. However…

After thinking about this newsletter article and doing a bit of research, I’ve come up with some dandy new ideas to decorate my home—and, possibly, yours. I’m not talented, really, at doing crafts (though I wish I were), and I have a new book due in mid-December so time is already at a premium. But here are a few cute suggestions for easy craft items to make. These are all pretty simple because that’s how I roll.

First is this adorable little snowman made from a terra cotta pot! Love his top hat, his sweet face and his jaunty red scarf. The holly berries are a nice touch too.

And who wouldn’t love this cherubic angel? Her cork body, wooden or plastic head (is that a ping pong ball?) and beatific smile really touch the heart.

These three little elves made of pinecones have wooden heads and felt feet, mufflers and caps. They could go on the tree, grace a shelf or table, or any other place in your house that needs some Christmas cheer. I bet they’d bring a smile to every face.

Talk about simple. Look at this. A tiny metal bucket for starters, some cotton balls a.k.a. snowballs, a pretty red bow—and you have a new, and inexpensive, tree decoration. Write in marker whatever you like on the bucket.

Because Christmas trees and their decorations are my favorites, I mentioned them first. But how about your front door? Can’t leave that without something to dress it up. I love this snowman motif—and how easy would this be to do? (Never mind that his buttons are crooked)

If you’d like to put a not-very-traditional wreath on the other side of your front door, try this one fashioned from candy canes. It’s edible, too. Which means it may not stay intact until Christmas! But what fun.

Moving indoors again, I like this wall hanging, maybe for the dining room, which often gets neglected when I decorate my house—mainly because I don’t use that space much anymore, opting for more casual dining. But it could go on any wall that needs a seasonal pick-me-up. If you want to try this, just get some backing, some pretty fabric and a few dabs of glue or tacks, something to hang it up with (is that raffia?) and a picture hook or nail for hanging.

Or, this next one: All it takes is a deep frame (I bet you have some lying around. I know I do) or shadow box, a glittery background and a bunch of ornaments. So cute!

And for the table: I love these candles, but you could use the flameless kind, which I also use on my mantel with lighted garlands. Looks especially nice with the fire glowing below it. This candle display uses a footed cake plate and wreath of berries.

I can’t resist adding one last idea because I know from experience it’s super-easy—and beautiful. Takes no time at all. I like to set this on my table in the dining room (so it won’t feel lonely) but it could go anywhere throughout the house.

Pick a pretty glass bowl you can see through—not opaque—(I have a lovely amber one that my mother-in-law gave me) then lay a string of clear or colored cordless lights in it (artfully arranged, ha!) and voila, you have a simple but pretty decoration to lend a bit of magic to your Christmas celebration.

If you don’t have a bowl that suits the purpose, you can use a glass bell jar or goblet or whatever else your creative imagination comes up with. I hope these quick and easy suggestions will help you get into the swing of this holiday season.

Merry Christmas to all! Happy holidays! If you haven’t already, don’t forget to pick up your copy of Heartwarming Holiday Wishes. Ten great novellas by ten Heartwarming authors at a bargain price. My novella is Mistletoe and Holly.

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In Heartwarming Holiday Wishes, Leigh Riker contributed Mistletoe and Holly. Her most recent Harlequin Heartwarming release is Last Chance Cowboy.