CA Characters

The Christmas Gift

Jack Banning

Jack Banning is a trauma surgeon who lost too much while stationed overseas in the Army. He's an excellent surgeon who's learned to detach his emotions. When he lets himself feel, he doesn’t believe he can be a good man. He’ll find out differently with Sophie Palmer in The Christmas Gift, a novella in Christmas, Actually.

Sophie Palmer

Sophie Palmer fell in love with Jack Banning when they worked together in the ER. A resourceful nurse, she knows how to fix problems. She didn’t plan to get pregnant, but now that she is, she’ll do anything to make a great life for her unborn child. That includes loving Jack Banning enough to convince him he should love himself, in The Christmas Gift, a novella in Christmas, Actually.

The Christmas Wish

Dean Galloway

After the death of his wife, photojournalist Dean hit the road with daughter Eliza. Christmas Town was his last chance to convince Eliza that Christmas has its own special magic. Little did he know Eliza's "issues" would bring him a second chance at love. While he still travels for work, Dean considers Christmas Town his home base, where he lives with his new family, Eliza, Callie, and their new son (who has yet to be named).

Callie Banning

One of three Banning siblings (her brothers are Nick and Jack), elementary school teacher Callie has one of the biggest hearts in town. After their parents left Christmas Town, Callie slipped in to take her mother's place, helping residents bring the happiest of Christmases to their families. When a new student, Eliza, declared war on Christmas, Callie accepted the challenge...and ended up falling head over heels for Eliza's photojournalist father, Dean Galloway. Currently, the family lives in Christmas Town: Callie, Dean, Eliza...and their new baby son (who has yet to be named).

The Christmas Date

Nick Banning

Single dad Nick Banning is a handyman in Christmas Town. He has a thing for Gina Vernay, but he can't seem to work up the courage to talk to her. And then he sees Gina's signed up at an online dating web site...

Gina Vernay

A childhood accident on Christmas scarred Gina literally and emotionally. She's back in Christmas Town and has purchased The Tea Pot from her aunt, intent upon finding her happily-ever-after. Just one thing stands in her way - the scar on her face and a lack of dates on an online dating web site. Until one man under the handle of Football20 makes a date with her on Christmas Eve.