Beyond Holiday Sweaters: Ways to Accessorize the Holidays by Cheryl Harper

Posted on Posted in November 2018 Newsletter

Christmas Town is a place where the holiday sweater is a staple, along with heavy coats, warm hats, and mittens that never get lost. In Pride and Presents, my stuffy hero is left with only a limited wardrobe and a pair of penguin socks, thanks to a prank played by his sister. His response? A shopping trip. Immediately. He does not wear Christmas sweaters or funny footwear. I’ll confess to you: I love every bit of over-the-top Christmas wear. I don’t like to limit myself to sweaters. For one, it’s rarely cold enough where I am to fully justify them. And two, there’s a wide world of options out there.

  1. Jewelry. You have reindeer earrings, don’t you? Everyone should. In addition, you can find all sorts of necklaces, bracelets, rings that run the gamut from elegant to eccentric. Ask me about my flashing snowman pin. Go ahead. THAT’S WHY I’M WEARING A FLASHING SNOWMAN PIN!
  2. Scarves. It might be seventy degrees outside at Christmas, but put that scarf on with your T-shirt and party, am I right?
  3. Makeup. All right. I admit, I’m not a person who does a lot of makeup. Ever. But nail polish? Count. Me. In. There are so many fun choices: deep reds, glittery golds, even gorgeous greens. And then all the embellishments? I can’t. I really can’t even. Do a web search: Pinterest Christmas manicures. The mind boggles.

We’ve all got ‘em, the once a year, over the top holiday accessories. I’m a fan. I say wear them proudly and often!

Cheryl Harper discovered her love for books and words as a little girl, thanks to a mother who made countless library trips and an introduction to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House stories. Now she spends her days searching for the right words while she stares out the window and her dog snoozes beside her. Find her on Facebook at and Twitter at Visit