AHC Characters

The Comeback Christmas

The Comeback Christmas_MelindaCurtis
Ted Lincoln

Ted Lincoln's family has been farming apples in Maine for generations. But apple farming is a hard way to make a living and Ted is feeling the pressure of making ends meet for his parents, his sister, and her daughter. The one woman who can help him sell more apples is the one woman who won't talk to him anymore - Chloe Wright.

Chloe Wright

Everything Chloe Wright used to touch turned to gold, but that was before she lost everything. Returning to Christmas Town as a failure is hard. Harder still is dealing with her father's things now that he's passed on. But the hardest thing of all is swallowing her pride and asking for a job from the man who broke her heart in high school - Ted Lincoln.

Bells are Ringing

Bells are Ringing_Anna J Stewart
Sam Collins

Quiet, dependable handyman Sam Collins is Christmas Town's go-to guy. He can fix anything, but life isn't perfect. Not as long as and often fixes everything. Never one to take many chances, it's only when Marnie Wright, the girl he fell in love with years before, plans to leave town that he springs into action. He currently resides in Christmas Town, with Marnie and their baby girl.

Marnie Wright

As one of three adopted Wright daughters (sisters are Noelle and Chloe), homebody Marnie has been running the family wedding chapel business since their father's death. While she longs a life as an interior decorator outside of Christmas Town, she has no idea her best friend, Sam Collins, has been carrying a torch for her for years. Only when Marnie is practically on her way out of town does Sam step up to convince her she's always had all she's needed. Marnie still runs Bells Are Ringing now that she's earning her interior design credentials and lives in Christmas Town with her husband Sam and their baby daughter.

Home by Christmas

Home By Christmas_Anna Adams
David Parker

David Parker knows he’s too involved with work. Maybe it’s helped him ease his own grief, but his twin girls need his full attention. Also once an orphan, he’s not instinctively the best father, but when he asks for Noelle’s help to make Christmas special for his daughters, she can’t say no. And David hopes that some day she’ll say yes to a life with him, too. That might happen in Home for Christmas, a novella in A Heartwarming Christmas.

Noelle Wright

Adopted as a teenager, Noelle loves her sisters, was devoted to their parents, and still deep down doubts that she really belongs to any family. She sees echoes of her own past pain in widower, David Parker’s grieving twin daughters, and she’s willing to help him give them a Christmas to comfort them. But will she finally find trust enough to claim a love she’s already lost once? Find out in Home for Christmas, a novella in A Heartwarming Christmas.

The Christmas Bell

The Christmas Bell_Carol Ross
Ben Fisher

The oldest son of Christmas Town’s fire chief, Ben Fisher struggles with being the odd man out in a family full of firefighters. Collecting firefighting memorabilia is his way of connecting with his dad. Ben is determined to find the long lost fire bell that used to hang in the town’s first fire house in time to gift it to his dad for Christmas, even if it means enlisting the help of his high school crush-gone-bad.

Andrea Talbot

Cut off from her wealthy father’s wallet and with her finances stretched to the limit, antique dealer Andrea Talbot has staked it all on her new business Timeless Antiques & Collectibles. Always a reluctant “rich girl,” Andrea has no pride or fear when it comes to “picking” antiques. Whether it’s an attic full of bats, a rickety old barn, or a condemned building, she’ll brave anything to make her dream come true.

Making Up Under the Mistletoe

Making Up Under the Mistletoe_Cheryl Harper
Josh Fisher

Josh Fisher loves fighting fires, but in Christmas Town, he'll never be anything other than Crash, the Fisher who never measures up. Leaving  means a chance to grow, but who will he be without Ivy?

Ivy Fisher

Ivy Fisher has thrown herself into building her father's Christmas Town tour business now that she and her husband, Josh, are facing divorce and separate lives. Being adopted by a stray dog opens her eyes to everything she might lose unless she's open to something new.

My Christmas Hero

My Christmas Hero_Amy Vastine
Rick Fisher

Lt. Rick Fisher is one of Christmas Town's finest firefighters. Being the chief's son means he has to work harder than everyone else to prove he deserves his place at the top. Only all that work leaves him little time for anything else ... like love and a family. Until one Christmas Eve day when he spends most of his shift saving the same woman over and over. Rick can't help but wonder if she might be able to save him from being alone.

Julianna Kramer

Julianna Kramer is having a bad day. A very bad day that has her in need of rescue not once, not twice, but three times! If she has to see firefighter Rick Fisher one more time, she might die of embarrassment. When she gets to return the favor by saving the day, Julianna learns that there's more to her than meets the eye.

An Unexpected Gift

An Unexpected Gift_Tara Randel
Drew Montgomery

Drew Montgomery, an engineer who travels the world installing clean water filtration units in struggling countries, arrives in Christmas Town looking for his birth mother. He meets Faith and his life is never the same.

Faith Sullivan

Faith Sullivan, youngest Sullivan sibling, runs the family gift store, Comfort and Joy. She wishes for an adventure that will take her away from Christmas Town, right to the very exotic places she orders specially ornaments from around the world.

A Gift of Home

A Gift of Home_Cari Lynn Webb
Christopher Hayes

Christopher Hayes is a one man show who believes personal distractions interfere with his duty as the Sheriff of Christmas Town. When he learns he’s a father, Chris begins to imagine a different kind of future filled with a family and love. But is it more than he ever dared hope for?

Hope Sullivan

Hope Sullivan believes in schedules and rarely deviates from her plans. She finished law school as a single mother with an infant son and built her career in the city thanks to her meticulous plans. But when her son’s father disrupts her schedule, Hope must decide if the best plan is the one they might make together.

His Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift_Leigh Riker
Brady Sullivan

Brady Sullivan is a national park ranger. After a Christmas Town scandal years ago, he moved away and is still estranged from his family. Now he’s home for the holidays—and hoping to make amends. Brady, a charmer, doesn’t count on meeting up with the woman he wronged years ago.

Cara Caldwell

Cara, a part-time writer, wants only to sell her sister’s Christmas tree lot then leave town and all her bad memories. But could she also be leaving behind her one best chance for true love? Too bad he’s the wrong man for her.

The Gingerbread Heart

The Gingerbread Heart_Liz Flaherty
Eli Welcome

Stats: Six-one, light blue denim eyes, gray hair—think Mark Harmon.
The minister who writes mysteries under a pseudonym in his retirement isn’t sure exactly who he is anymore. He’s trying to find out if living a new life means giving up the person he was in the old one.

Cass Logan

Stats: Five-six, curly brown hair with reddish highlights, light brown eyes that lean toward green
Widowed and orphaned, with two adult daughters who don’t need her, Cass doesn’t need to work for a living anymore. She can’t make peace with being idle, but being the personal assistant of a local minister-turned-author—that seems to make her happy.

The Gingerbread Pony

The Gingerbread Pony_Patricia Bradley
Mark Bradford

Stats: 6’2”, 180 lbs, short brown hair, brown eyes, square jaw, good build

Mark is returning to Christmas Town with his five-year-old daughter, Lizzy who hasn’t spoken since her mother died. He hopes the warmth and love he had growing up in Christmas Town will unlock the wall around his daughter’s heart.

Amy Logan

Stats: dark hair, usually in a pony tail. 5’8”; green eyes, dimples

With an opportunity to start over at a top speech clinic in Texas, Amy Logan can finally leave Christmas Town and her failed dreams behind. But can she turn her back on Mark Bradford--or his daughter, who hasn't spoken since her mother died?

The Gingerbird House

The Gingerbird House_Rula Sinara
Quinn Weston

Skilled carpenter Quinn Weston took a blow when his custom woodworking shop in the city was driven out of business, but he never pictured his life like this—divorced, single father to a six-year-old and homeless in the middle of a snowy winter. He’s determined to keep his son safe and not lose custody. The abandoned cabin in the woods seems like the perfect place to lay low and escape the snow…until they’re discovered.

Lia Logan

Lia Logan can’t imagine life with her jumbo sized Maine Coon, Stormageddon, and all the critters at Holly Haven, her wildlife rescue and rehab center. Having put all her money into keeping the center running, she plans to live rent-free in the old cabin on her family’s property…until she finds a homeless man and his little boy hiding out there. Will this be another rescue? Or love?