A Newcomer’s Visitor’s Guide to Christmas Town by Grayling Stanhope (with a bit of help from Anna J Stewart)

Posted on Posted in November 2018 Newsletter

Welcome, welcome visitors new and old to Christmas Town, Maine! I’m sure by now you’ve realized Christmas Town is a bit different from other holiday locales and if you haven’t, you soon will. I know I certainly realized that pretty much the second I stomped on the brakes on the corner of Main Street. Okay, so maybe that was to avoid running over Wally MacIver, aka, the love of my life, but I digress. From the moment I drove into the city limits, I knew I’d found my forever home. And that meant diving in and exploring all the wonderful beauty stops and businesses that make each and every day extra special, especially during the holidays.

If you’re hungry after a day of shopping, caroling, or simply enjoying all the holiday festivities, there’s no better place to soothe your growling stomach than Posey’s. This diner, family-friendly business has been a mainstay of Christmas Town for, well, far longer than I’ve even  been alive. Known for it’s down-home comfort food, including it’s infamous Peppermint Pie (Hmmm…maybe next month I’ll see if Posey will include the recipe in the newsletter!), Posey’s also provides one of the more eclectic celebration requirements as customers are encouraged to try and find Elmer the Elf, a homely little creature who spends his days (and nights) finding new places to hide from all who seek him. If you’re the lucky one who finds him, you get a free slice of pie! Definitely not a bad way to spend some time in Christmas Town.

Are you doing a bit more shivering than expected? I have to admit, being from London, I’m used to the snow, but when I get a bit chilly, I love to hop down to Fingers and Feet for some new gloves and a pair of socks—every kind of sock you can think of! Ellie Griffith will warm your cockles (and extremities) with her wonderful wares and you’ll leave the store with a big smile on your face!

For a bit of sightseeing, be sure you take some out of the way turns, like beyond the community center barn and just relax in the solitude of Reindeer Meadow. It’s picture perfect (as proven by Dean Galloway’s previous photographic features) with its thigh-high glistening snow that crunches around you with every step you take. Hop onto the edge of the fence post and watch the sunset…or sunrise if you’re one of those early risers (I am definitely not one of those people). Pick up a cup of hot chocolate or rich, thick espresso from Gina at The Tea Pot, nibble on a scone (the lemon thyme is just divine), and embrace the cold beating against your reddening cheeks.

The square downtown is such a marvelous place to lose yourself amidst the wonder and beauty of the holiday season. The town really does it up nicely with decorations, Santa’s sleigh, and decorated lampposts illuminating the evening or early morning hours. Hearty poinsettias can be found everywhere you look, guiding you around the green (covered in snow from Thanksgiving through spring), where carts offer fresh-popped popcorn and roasting, delicious chestnuts (a personal favorite of mine). Be sure to keep your eye out for the gazebo, decked out to holiday perfection with lots of berry laden mistletoe to allow for all those Christmas Eve kisses. For those who don’t know the town legend, it’s said a kiss under the mistletoe in just this spot will mean wedding bells ringing in the New Year. And it’s not just a legend! I can personally attest this being the case as Wally and I plan to marry soon after we pop the champagne cork (or in my case, sparkling cider) on the turning of the year.

These are just a few of the places that have found a spot in my heart now that I call Christmas Town home. From what I hear, there are lots of other characters flitting about willing to share their stories and favorite places. You can find them all at your favorite place to buy books on the great provider, The Internet (or more specifically, Amazon). With more than fifty Christmas Town stories available to read, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect place to visit when you join us in Christmas Town, Maine.

Happy Christmas, everyone. And a very, merry New Year.