A Fun Christmas Craft with Tara Taylor Quinn

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I love little surprises. Just that something extra that makes life fun and magical. I love giving these little moments to others. At Christmas time I try to find things to re-create that magical feeling I got as a kid when it was time to open the little door on the advent calendar. The door was about an inch tall so the prize was always small, inexpensive – but it was that something extra, an unknown, and it was exciting. A few years ago I found this pattern for a snowman wrapped Hersey bar and it fit the bill. I’ll use these as place settings if I have a dinner during the holiday, or as stocking stuffers, if I don’t. They’re simple to make, use mostly just household items, and the cost is minimal! I actually keep one year round in my chocolate drawer in the refrigerator so I can get the ‘feeling’ anytime I need a fix.

So here goes:

  1. Here’s what you need! Felt, glue, a piece of typing paper, a big Hersey’s bar, a piece of string, a small bell or ornament, and some markers or crayons.
  2. With the typing paper sideways, draw the above design. As I’m not all that artistic, I use pencil for this so I can erase.
  3. Using crayons or marker, color in your drawing.
  4. Glue the paper around the Hersey Bar, centering the face on the front, glue seam on the back.
  5. Measure red felt 4 1/2 inches high and long enough to fit around your size Hersey bar. Then cut 2 inch high and half inch wide fringe along one long edge.
  6. Glue felt around the top of the candy bar, as a hat on top of the face, with fringe side up and seam at back.
  7. Put your bell or ornament on the string.
  8. Tie the string around the top of the hat, catching the fringe.
  9. Cut one more piece of felt, an inch wide and six widths of the candy bar, fringing each end.
  10. Tie around candy bar under the snowman’s face. This is his scarf!
  11. Surprise someone and see them smile!

In A Heartwarming Holiday, Tara Taylor Quinn contributed Christmas Past. Her most recent release is included in Falling for You, a $0.99 anthology.