5 Idyllic Spots for A Wedding in Christmas Town by Anna J Stewart

Posted on Posted in October 2018 Newsletter

While Christmas Town, Maine, is always filled with the wonderful aromas, sounds, and sights of the holidays, this year is extra festive as the town celebrates not only the marriage of John Richardson and Lisa Garland but also the restoration of the historic old carousel Lisa’s grandfather was instrumental in creating.

Holiday weddings are always extra special, as if a kiss of magic has been added to the festivities. While John and Lisa’s wedding will be taking place at the carousel on Christmas Eve, there are numerous romantic locations happy couples can spend their perfect day. And no, we aren’t just talking about the Bells are Ringing wedding chapel, although Marnie can always fit you in!

Here are our top five picks for your special day.

  1. Reindeer Meadow. Yes, it might be thigh-deep in snow, but this vast expanse is a canvas just waiting for the right picture. Imagine a sun-kissed afternoon in the brisk chill of winter (let’s just hope there isn’t a storm!).
  2. Christmas Town High School Theater. While this might seem like an odd choice, the theater at the high school has recently gone through a renovation which makes it ideal for a winter wedding. Lots of town events take place here, which means it lends itself perfectly to any décor and theme.
  3. Blue Spruce Mountain Ski Resort & Inn. Make your destination wedding all the more special by inviting your guests for a ski vacation along with your wedding. A four-star restaurant and catering service, beautiful scenery, and a staff ready and willing to make your day all the more special, the Blue Spruce is ideal!
  4. Holly Acres Tree Farm. If a view is what you’re after, then here’s your perfect place. Imagine uttering your vows among the beautiful acreage covered with trees grown specifically for the holiday. Ideal for smaller weddings and the owners will happily add some twinkling lights just for the occasion.
  5. Gazebo on the Green. You really didn’t think this list would be complete without the gazebo. As anyone who has visited Christmas Town knows, town legend states a kiss beneath the mistletoe on Christmas Eve means wedding bells in the New Year. Why not expand the tradition by taking your vows in the most romantic place in town? But you’d better book fast…the holiday hours and days are fading fast!

Wishing you all mistletoe kisses and happily ever afters.
~Anna J Stewart and Marnie Collins (owner, Bells Are Ringing Wedding Chapel)